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About the relationship between Joanna of Castile and Philip the Handsome. Isabel, third season (September, 2014).

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Isabel, third season. (x)

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Katherine and her mother ‘shared an intensity and rock-like obstinacy that some people, to their later chagrin, failed to spot behind an apparently sweet and calm façade.’
—Giles Tremlett, Catherine of Aragon: Henry’s Spanish Queen. (via queenkatherineofaragon)

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Sofonisba AnguissolaIsabel von Valois, c. 1599

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Queen Isabel II of Spain, her crown.

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200 Monarchs Spam for 1000 Followers

King Felipe III of Spain

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Favourite scenes from the second season of Isabel: the death of Juan II. Leaving aside the great great great liberties the writers took with the historical figure of Ferdinand’s father, this is a really moving scene and the two actors are great in it.

By the way, Ferdinand is lying, he’s negotiating with the French but he prefers his father not knowing about it in his final moments.

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Isabel 1x13 

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Anne of Austria, Queen of France, and her brother Philip IV of Spain

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